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Cracking a hard nut

I like the illustration, don't have any ideas...

Today I have come up a bit short for an interesting blog post. I don't want to repeat myself and I don't want to bore anyone. I feel like I just need to be disciplined and release something anyway.

I suppose I shall chat about things not specifically about hair or the hair industry. I am not sure if there is interest in the other parts of my life, but I thought I might try. This is very train of thought typing at this moment. I am listening to a podcast in Romanian, getting ready for my second college class(philosophy) of the day, I have eaten lunch and am still in my pajamas. I will be doing more exciting things this afternoon including: reading a book in German, transferring all the photos from my  phone to my external hard drive, updating my website, making cookie dough, and other similar things. I am also going to take a nap.

Here are the things I am up to outside of the salon and my training program. Most of my extra time is taken up with college classes. I am in my 4th term at Lane Comm. College and am pursuing an eventual doctorate in cultural anthropology. My current class load consists of: Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy, Nutrition, and Genetic Biology. All seem to be fairly easy to understand, I just have to do my classes and my homework. Each class takes me about 3 or 4 hours a week to get through the lessons. The next thing that is occupying a lot of my time is learning 3 languages. I am actively practicing Spanish, German, and Romanian. All of these for the purpose of travelling to Europe next year. I have weekly meetups with different conversation groups that take about 7 hours a week. It is fun to be able to practice speaking other languages and to make new friends on the internet.

Honestly, these two different activities take up a majority of my time when I am not working. I hope that this was an interesting read and I will get back to my regular programming next week.