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FB is gone

Thoughts on the recent suspension of my FB account.

I woke up on the 1st of the month to find that somehow my FB account was suspended, due to activity on "my" IG that went against FB's terms of service and conduct. I have no idea what I did, or if I even did anything. I also had a notice that a security code was sent to verify my sign in on FB. There was a notice on IG as well, notifying me that my FB account had been de-coupled from my IG.

However, with all of this, and my apparent violation of FB's terms on my IG. My IG, both accounts, were not tagged as doing anything innapropriate. I can still use them as usual, no problems at all. So I think that someone hacked into my FB and tried to connect an IG that I have no control over to it as a way to perpetrate a scam. When it was attempted, it flagged on FB and they automatically closed my FB.

Now to the emotianal aftermath and my business profile. It appears, from outside confirmation, that my Coiffeuse Extroardinaire page is still up and can be looked at. I can do nothing with it, as I can't log in to FB at all. I guess it will stay in perpetuity in whatever form it was in before I got booted. I have been thinking of leaving FB for a while, but there is the part of being able to connect with my clients and friends through Messenger that was keeping me attached to the platform. I suppose the social media gods chose for me. I will not be attempting to get my account back, nor will I sign up for a new one. I will be okay without FB. I have other social platforms to use and I will be doing my utmost to inform others about this turn of events.

So, good-bye to FB and on to more productive fields and less stress. I hope to stay connected with each person that in interested on other platforms.