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and the future of Coiffeuse Extraordinaire

After losing access to my Facebook account, I am giving some thought to what does the future of my business look like. I have grown increasingly tired of dealing with the social media aspect of it and I have felt incredibly uninspired to do much more than go to work and do my job.

It makes me a little sad that I feel this way about my chosen career. I am not looking to quite working, but I am trying to make decisions regarding what exactly that looks like. Maybe I trim my work days back even further or pivot to accomodate my school dreams. I am still aiming to get a doctorate in anthropology, but it has been on hold for a while.

The social media aspect has been a bother for quite some time, I am not inspired to share in either direction. I have been increasingly unimpressed with my engagement online. I don't particularly care for what anyone else shares and I don't really work to share anything dynamic. I have had no desire to learn how to use the algorithm to boost my engagement. So, for the time being, I am stepping away from most conventional social media streams. I will still be available for communication through Instagram, email, or text message.

And for the aspects of my physical job. I still enjoy working with all of my clients and doing hair, but the daily grind of needing to see a certain amount of people for a certain amount of services is wearing on me. I am very engaged when I am actually at work with a client, but I am not doing anything in the in-between times. Nothing to propel my career forward. I haven't played with dolls in a long time, because I seem to have lost the fire to try out new things or experiment with styling. I am not ready to throw in the towel, but I am really assessing my feelings lately.

So, what to do? Keep going in the manner I am currently and maybe feel burned out or change to a completely different paradigm. What does that look like? Ideally I think I could be satisfied working the same amount of time, but I need some challenge. That may be attending school again. I will get my finances sorted and return to some studies. That way I can be engaged in something new, but still get to work in the familiar realm of coloring and styling.