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Still learning

Keeping it fresh

Never be unwilling to learn something new. Or to learn something you thought your already knew. There is always something being reinvented, or modified, or just plain done differently. Not to mention all of the activities and information that you have not learned.

I just finished a class on how to do good finishing after a haircut, with a blow dryer and various brushes. I learned so much and was shocked to realize that I was never taught many of the pieces of information that were shared. I am going to be utilizing the techniques in every blow dry. I had no idea about what brushes worked for which hair types and how to properly dry the hair to get the finish of smooth and shiny. I hadn't even given thought to "over drying" the hair and actually causing frizz and static. It was great.

This class showed me that, although I am twenty years in to my career, there is still more to learn. I have to master the basics and to do that, I have to study, learn, absorb, be involved. And I have to see what is coming down the tube. Just at the point I feel there is nothing new under the sun, there comes a very relevant piece of information that I can use. There is a whole world out there to explore. I am keen on continuing in my trek to mastery. I am well aware that I will probably not feel like a master even after a lifetime of work and study.