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Staying sharp

How I am maintaining my skill set

After nearly a month in my home, I am still working to keep my skills and my knowledge set sharp. So, you may ask, how am I doing this?

First: I am watching many online educational vidoes, graciously provided by many hair artists and educators, to make sure I am up on the latest trends, styles and techniques. Some are also covering how will be the best way to treat our reopening.

Second: I am crafting friendships through the internet. I never really understood the value of social media, until I could no longer be social in real life. It is wonderful to meet people of similar mind and get to know them online. One day, I hope to meet each one in person.

Third: I am studying all of my informational materials that pertain to haircare, haircolor, and styling. I am definitely doing some note taking and going extra deep in to the material.

Fourth; I am playing with dolls. I continue to work on some styling with my dollheads. I have also been presenting some work in live stream format on Instagram.

Fifth: I can keep up my cutting skills by doing my son's hair. And my own, I have been using the scissors on myself.

With all of this, I feel that when the time comes that I can get back to work, I will be so prepared for everything that comes my way. I can really help people and get everyone feeling like themselves again. I am so excited to be able to share all of these things with you. Keep an eye out for the new that is coming.