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Small hiatus

Changes affecting my research

I have been in the midst of moving my salon location. That has occupied most of my time for the past month. I am very excited to be able to do something new. I am also going to be using this opportunity to be able to help others and help the Muslim community. By being able to offer a private salon experience, I can help ladies, who have chosen to wear the hijab, get their hair done without making them feel like second class citizens. I have wanted to be able to do this for years and it's finally happening.

I am also finding the opportunity to alter my schedule a little bit. I am committed to taking a week off each month. During this week I might be working on book research, presenting online live streams, practicing color and styling, attending classes, or taking a little vacation time. This will help me to be able to offer the best in service for each person I see. I am working to make the salon experience extraordinary, much like my name says. By helping myself, I can help others. I am determined to create the destination salon. A place where you can go and enjoy yourself, rather than just have it be a chore to "have to get your hair done".

By next month I will be back to discovering more about hair and hair history. I will be back to sharing my little discoveries online and, perhaps, even doing more videos to have a more interactive experience with hair history.

Things are just getting more and more exciting. I look forward to being able to share with you all.