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Showing how with live streams

I have recently begun to do live streams on my Facebook page. I know that I have to adjust my setup and get a better camera, but I feel the information is valuable.

I started with a basic set inspired by the 1940s. All pin curls. I chose to not use any setting crème for this particular first set. It was important that I show the way that I create a pin curl. Not as important for the product that went in to it. I had to split the demonstration in to two different live streams, due to the time it takes when you are doing a demo. I am hoping to continue in these miniature classes.

I feel the next live stream will be on how I do a basic comb out. I will be using the dollhead that I set in my previous live streams. I think it's a nice thing to show what the hair will do once it is set. And to also demonstrate how well a wet set will keep curl.

I have archived these on my Facebook page,, if there is an interest in watching what I have done so far. I greatly look forward to continuing to be able to share my information. I think I will aim for bi-weekly live streams.