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Silver hair

The latest trend
I have found that the want of silver hair has not faded, as I thought it might. The color palette, from icy white to steel grey, is reminiscent of little old lady hair. Some have even called it "granny grey". I am still befuddled by the idea of wanting to be grey on purpose, when so many of my clients are trying to hide theirs. I suppose when you still have the choice, it can be fun.
The good news is that this trend has yielded a great number of formulas in the category, so helping my already grey clients achieve silver hair is much easier.
I have been experimenting in the tones to find the right shades in all of my color lines. I am happy to be able to create the color that my clients want. These colors are high maintenance, needing to be touched up about every 4 weeks. If they are ready for the commitment, then I am ready to deliver.