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Searching for Miss Ingerid

Trying to track down an elusive woman

As you may know, I am working on a book. I do not know if it will ever be finished or published, as I get so lost in the research process that I forget that there is an end goal in mind.

I have recently taken up the search for Miss Ingerid again. I did some research a bit ago, but I wanted to see if I could learn anything new. I have found a few new source of information and, at least, have enough to be able to add her to my list of influential stylists. I may even try to get her a Wikipedia page, although I don't know how that process works.

She was born Ingerid(Ingrid) Margarethe Arvesen in Norway. She moved to the United States as a child and her family settled down in Minnesota. She did many different things such as attending college and getting a teaching degree, studying sculpture and photography, before becoming a hairdresser.

As a hairdresser she made a name for herself with her innovative technique of offering a film strip based class in handling long hair. She also wrote numerous books and self-published all of them. She had her own beauty school in New York City. It was called Miss Ingerid's Studio of Hair Design, Ltd. She also travelled the country to attend conferences and competitions. Along with all of that, she is published several times in newspapers across the country about the latest modes of hairdressing.

One of my favorite quotes comes from How To Handle Long Hair, pub. 1954, while discussing her method for securely fastening long hair, she mentions using a Grip Tuth Comb and after describing her technique writes, "That will cost you $50.00 please."- that comes out to today's equivalent of $483! That is one expensive hairstyle.

I am going to continue researching and reaching out to any of the sources I can find. She is an intriguing woman and I would like to know more.