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Renewed enthusiasm

Think. Believe. Dream. Dare

I just had such a great meeting with the Matrix team. It really brought me back to my roots. Why I do what I do. It is so exciting to be a part of a company that really cares about the stylist and their clients.

This was definitely needed after having a year of not so awesome. There are so many new things on their way and I can hardly wait for the time to get here and share them with everyone. For now I am diving in deep to make sure I have a full understanding of the newest, latest and greatest.

I am pumped to be able to continue my educator journey. And to have so many people around the globe that are in my corner is amazing. I am determined to make this year the best one yet. And, of course, setting up to make 2022 the best year and so on. I am in all the way. I can hardly wait to see what I learn and what I can share.

I suppose this blog entry is more for me than anything, but I think it is nice to share the positive as it is. I am stoked and I look forward to sharing all of the developments.