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Random thoughts

A ramble through my mind

I have made the commitment to create a blog post every week, so I am here to do just that.

I am very excited with what Matrix is going to be rolling out soon. I like that they are working to make the brand even more cohesive and international. Along with some packaging changes for a uniform look, they are also on the leading edge of hair color technology. I will have to save the rest until March, when they do a global unveiling.

My book is coming along slowly, this week I will be working on a bit of a rough draft outline of what the contents will be. Of course, I can't possibly include every interesting thing that I find in to one book. Especially if I want it to be easy to read through. However, maybe, I write a second or third about some of the specifics. Or, perhaps, I shift to other continents and see how hair history went in those places.

Work is moving right along. I feel like we are really making the dream a reality. I didn't know how much I would enjoy being a part of "ownership" of a salon. I am not legally an owner, but I feel like my voice is heard when making decisions about the shop. We are doing a lot of amazing things and I am thrilled to watch it all unfold.

I am closer to being a real educator for Matrix. I have so many great training opportunities, even though they are online, I am glad to have them. I will be even more prepared when I can go and teach. I believe that I will attain the ability to actually educate by mid-year. That's amazing to me.

I think that is all of the relevant news for now. I am sure I will be updating more specifically as time goes on.