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My favorite color

Red... if you couldn't tell :)

What is it about red that is so alluring? As far as a haircolor goes, it is the most rare naturally occuring color. With only about 1-2% of the global population born with red hair. It is so rare that it was even surmised, by The Oxford Hair Foundation in 2005, that there would be no more naturally born redheads by 2060, thanks to its recessive qualities in the gene pool. I have even heard a little whisper that redheads have a third form a melanin in their hair, but I haven't been able to confirm this information. I even wrote a blog recently about the topic of red hair.

Red sits at the 620nm to 750nm on the electromagnetic scale, this is quite a long wavelength in comparison to other colors. If you go to even longer wavelenghs you reach infrared(heat). It is quite versatile, as it can be cooled down or warmed up. True red, being one of the three primary colors, is neutrally balanced, but that neutral form doesn't show up very often. 

So why do I love red? To put it simply, I don't know. I understand that it is a power color, a symbol of luck, a symbol of death, a symbol of wealth, a symbol of matrimony, a symbol of love, a symbol of hate, all depending on your culture. It is one of the first colors named when a language is forming, the first two being black and white(we can debate on their colorship later). Red is often, in nature, a warning to not consume a fruit/vegetable or even an animal. Red is the color of our iron rich blood. 

It has an allure like no other. I think especially because it can be expressed in many different ways. A deep burgundy red, a bright poppy red, a soft strawberry blonde, and a plethora of other options. I believe anyone can have red hair, you just have to find the type and tone of red that suits you best. It is by far my favorite color to work with in the salon. I am trying to make it everyone else's favorite color too.

This was just a little piece to show how lovely I find red to be. It is an amazing color and I want to become an expert in the category of red color and red hair.