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La peluquera

Hairdresser in Spanish

I have been learning to speak Spanish for a few years now and I want to be able to speak with my clients who are not native English speakers. To better be able to help them get the hair that they want when they don't have the vocabulary.

While one doesn't usually learn how to get a haircut in another language, the stylist also doesn't learn how to give a haircut in another language. I wanted to change that for me. As of now, I am focusing on Spanish. It seems to be the most useful of any of the other languages that I could figure out.

I asked a fellow stylist who is bilingual for a little help with the vocabulary and he sent me a fairly thorough list of terms in Spanish. I will continue to study it and develop my skillset to be able cater to a new type of clientele. There are a few things that I think I could have figured out, but there is a lot that is not so obvious. I was glad to be able to reach out and learn something new.

Soon, I will be able to offer my services to the latinx community. I am trying to get better every day. I will keep you apprised of the progress I am making.