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It's official...

In-person training

It's finally happening, for real this time. I hope. We have a date and a location, and we're going to be doing an in person training. I will be even more on my way to getting my educator certification. 

In November we, myself and the rest of the 2020 trainees, will be flying out to Nebraska for 3 days of education. I am so excited. I already purchased my plane ticket and reserved my hotel room. So long as things continue positively, we will be there. I look forward to being able to meet my fellow trainees in person. I am also particularly excited to get to work on hands on training. It will be amazing. Maybe I will be an educator after this. 

With that said, I will have to take some time off of work to attend this training. That is okay, because I have been saving up a bit of funds to be able to travel with. I will make sure that I am reminding people that I am headed off in the beginning of November. I hope it's not too cold when we go. I will probably carpool from the hotel to the location each day. I am stoked!