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I am writing today apart from the history and book research. Today will be about the things that are happening in my career and how I am feeling.

As you may be aware I am currently a finalist in the FergieXMatrix Instagram contest. The picture as the header is the picture I entered and made it to the finalist spot. I was not expecting to be chosen at all. Having looked at the other entrants I was pretty well convinced that my work wasn't good enough. Not so much the color or styling, but the picture, itself. You can look at my official entry and the other finalists by following the link: You may notice that my color is not nearly as saturated and bright as many of the others. I was feeling pretty down on my chances and then I got the direct message that I was a finalist. That was exciting. I had to send the original picture and a list of the products used to Matrix and I also had a short interview over the phone. I am feeling much more confident now and will know if I am actually a winner by the first week of May. If I do win, I will be going to be helping backstage at a concert, possibly doing color and/or styling of Fergie and her backup dancers. This is a big opportunity for me, there's a chance I can turn this into a little career boost. I am doing my best to not bank on winning, although I still hold out hope.

I am also attending a hair show this weekend and I am very excited to get the latest in techniques and trends. It is always good when I can get some education and fresh training in my chosen field. I am hoping to bring back some of the absolute latest trends in styling and color. There are too many classes to attend them all, but I feel I have chosen the most useful to attend. It should be a great weekend.