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How to get a haircut...

About hair dressing vocabulary

There is a need to learn how to get a haircut or make a visit to a salon. Specifically in a language that is not your native language.

I have had the opportunity to work very near the university campus. I have seen how difficult it is for international students to come in and get their first haircut in the US. They have no idea what words to use or how to explain what they want. And, honestly, if I were in a country where I have an understanding of the language, I wouldn't know how to get my hair done.

So, I have come up with a magnificent idea. Create a series of videos in every country that I can connect with. Basically, a visit to the salon with text tags of what things and techniques are called. Without using a translation, just in the language of that country. Show a man's visit, a woman's visit, cut and color vocabulary and how to explain in that language what it is you want. I don't want it to feel patronizing at all, I would like it to be useful for even native speakers of a language. I know how difficult using the vocab that is industry specific can be. Also, translating what it is you are looking for. There may not be a direct translation, I would like to make the ideas easier to grasp.

I am hoping to work with some international companies to make this idea happen, but I may have to start with just filming something myself. Write a little script and take a weekend to make things happen.

I have the good feeling that this is something the world needs and I would like to be a part of the answer to a question no one has asked.