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Happy Holidays!

Whatever you choose to celebrate

I just wanted to write a little for the holidays. I don't have much to say about hair at this very moment, but I wanted to reflect a bit on a whole year of weird. 

The whole thing started as a kind of "more of the same" as the year before. It is strange to think that we are almost through a whole other year. I was busy attending college classes, training to be an educator with Matrix, making friends on the internet, working at the shop. So many activities, but it doesn't feel like I hardly did anything. I am currrently in my winter break from college, I am also officially an educator for Matrix, still have my friends online and working better than ever. I am so thrilled that things are going forward. I do look forward to the new year. Perhaps it will be even better than this year. 

I finally had the opportunity to attend my training in-person and there I got my training "completed". Of course there is always time to learn something new. I hope to spend time honing my craft. I am also getting myself put together in my college education. I have officially been accepted and taken my orientation at Oregon State University. I will be starting some classes there soon. This will put me closer to my goal of a doctorate in anthropology. One day I will be Dr. Tiffany Hallmark and it will be amazing. I should be able to achieve this by the time I am 50.

So, while I don't know where this whole year went, I am glad it happened. I am happy with how things are, but I have some future goals to attain. I shall speak more of those next week.