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Hair exploration

Learning the real history of hairdressing
I find myself in the fortunate position of being able to access much information regarding how hair used to be done. I am so fascinated how the elaborate hairstyles of the past came to be before the invention of magic tools, such as the flat iron, curling iron, blowdryer, and the styling products. Their is so much that people used to do that isn't done now. Not because it is not effective, but we have much more sophisticated products and techniques that didn't exist previously. I am working to train myself in some of these older techniques. In my research, I learned that in Rome the hairdressers were called Ornatrices(Ornatrix: singular). It's a fabulous word that I would like to bring back in to the standard vocabulary. My chosen business name Coiffeuse Extraordinaire comes from the French. The coiffeuse was a female hairdresser. A coiffeur would be male, not be confused with coiffure, which is the hairstyle itself. I also still prefer hairdresser versus hairstylist, I think it sounds more artistic to dress the hair, rather than just style hair. I will continue my search for more classic hairdressing techniques and styles.