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A month of Sundays

Vintage hair exploration
I am embarking on an adventure. I am calling it "A Month of Sundays" over the course of four Sundays I will be tackling 8 different eras of hairstyling. This will be the first time I have given a real go to doing hair as authentically as possible. I am really hoping to be able to procure a number of great photos to be able to share my abilities with the mass public. I am also hoping to have enough live models so as to not have to do all of my styling on the dollheads. They are lovely, but it just doesn't feel as genuine when I am using a dollhead versus using a person.
My first Sunday will be focused on Victorian era hair. Working from old photos from the 1890s and 1900s I will endeavor to embody the style and feeling of that time. The hard part will be that the only styling items they had were hair pins and sticks, a comb or two and that is about all that was available. I am going to try to style without heat tools. If I must, I will do it in the idea that the original curling irons were actually iron that were heated in the fire. I will only have my smallest barrel curling iron as a substitute for an era appropriate iron. This will keep things as close to authentic as I can get.
I am very excited and enthusiastic to get started on this latest of hair adventures. I hope to live up to the name I have given myself.