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Finding balance

I am finding a new type of balance in my career and my life. As I continue to attend college, work on becoming an Artistic Educator for Matrix, research my book, learn a few languages, I am aware that I have to find a new flow for my daily.

It is easy for me to plan out for school, they give me a schedule of classes and I know exactly when I have to attend. Plus, homework is very little at this point, so I don't have to spend much time working on it. I feel that my college is fairly balanced in my day. And that I can set my work schedule from there. I am only choosing to work an abbreviated schedule at the shop, because I can still take care of all of my clients, in just a smaller window of time.

The two harder parts to balance is to spend proper amounts of time working on my Matrix training and researching my book. I feel like I have procrastinated far too much on my book. I need to begin writing the darn thing and I need to fit it in at least once a week. The Matrix stuff is on their schedule, but it is sporadic and I don't always know when things are happening or when my deadlines are. I am hoping to focus one day a week on the work that I need to do. I suppose the weekend is going to be for the work on business and book writing.

After that, I have all the languages I am learning and they have to fit in somewhere. I am trying to work on each of them twice a week. I usually fit them in in the morning. However, my days are filling up rapidly and I feel like I don't have time to do all of the things that I want to. I then end up wasting time trying to convince myself that I don't have time to do all of the things, but I really do.

Here's to finding some balance in my schedule. I also hope to be at a point next week where I can share something a little more related to hair and hair history.