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Where do I get my info?

Resource materials

I just wanted to share a few sources of the information that I am finding. Some things are easier to get a hold of than others, but it makes for a fun search.


Hair Its Diseases and Treatments by C. Henri Leonard pub. 1879

Victorian Ladies Hair Care and Grooming pub. 1896*

Water Waving by Evelyn Frederick pub. 1923*

Marcel Waving Flapper Hairstyling Techniques pub. ~1930*

Hairstyle Design by Louis Maryberry pub. 1946*

The Mystery of 1950s Hairstyling by Comer and Doran pub. 1955*

Ingerid's Alphabet of Curls by Miss Ingerid pub. 1962

How To Handle Long Hair Book I and II by Miss Ingerid pub. 1954 and 1957*

Creative Hairstyling and Hairshaping You Can Do by Ivan of Hollywood pub. 1947*

How It's Done...Hairstyles For You by Ivan of Hollywood pub. 1948**

10 Hollywood Hairstyles and How To Do It Yourself by Arlene Dahl pub. 1952***

The Professional Way To Set Your Own Hair by Jack of Westwood pub. 1946****

Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s: A Practical Guide by Bethany Jane Davies pub. 2016

Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques by Lauren Rennells pub. 2009

1940s Hairstyles(Vintage Living) by Daniel Turudich pub. 2012


Vintage-Inspired Up-Styles - The Collection, Anje Kastner Studios

The Lost Art of Vintage Hair, Patrick Cameron-2012






Vintage Fashions(British Pathe)

British Movietone



Etsy shop - schmetterlingtag(shop has many reproductions of vintage books)

*Copies of these books can be found on the scmetterlingtag Etsy shop

**Digital copy available at

***ebook can be found on

****Reproduced as 1940s Hairstyles You Can Do by C. Franzwa for