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What's going on?

Specific to my goals

Today I am contemplating what it is I am doing in my career. Both in my educator's path and in my doctorate path. How are things going for me and where do I want them to continue to go.

As far as the educator path is going, I am almost a full-fledged educator. I didn't think this day would come and now that it is becoming inevitable, I am not sure that I am fully prepared. I am sort of feeling the same as when I got out of beauty school. I know that I have learned all of the things, but what do I do with it? Especially as I can begin to label myself as an educator and expert in the field specific to Matrix products. I still feel like a beginner. There is something about being sent out to handle it "on your own" that give me the butterflies in my stomach. I know what I am talking about, but I am still working on the confidence to say it with conviction. The team at Matrix is amazing and they are so supportive. I know that if I run in to any complications, they will be there to help. 

Now to discuss my pursuit of a doctorate. I am currently in college to continue down this path to the attainment of a doctorate/PhD in anthropology, mostly so I can have the letters Dr. in front of my name when I write my book. I am also thinking that I need to write multiple books, because my topic is niche, but has so many different aspects that I feel that a single tome would be huge. Deciding how to divide those topics up is definitely in my mind on most days. I am looking to be considered the foremost expert in the arena of hair/hairdressing/hairstyling as regards to its history and how it has affected and been affected by society. It is such a fascinating subject, I doubt I will ever exhaust the topic entirely.

So I am fully on the journey, trying my best to enjoy the scenery along the way. Maybe not get so caught up in the "what ifs" and instead really dive into the process of learning. I can share with great excitement all the things I am discovering. I can hardly believe this is my life now. It is pretty awesome.