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What do you like to do?

A relatively simple answer
I often have people ask me what I like to do most. As far as hair is concerned I have discovered a real passion for styling. Not just a curling iron or flat iron styling, but true, old school, hair dressing. Taking the time to make hair a sculpture. It is so wonderful to be able to do and a real shame that not that many people get it done. My best times are usually around proms and school dances. I think more people would feel better if they took the opportunity to get their hair styled like it used to be done.
Spending a bit more selfish time in the salon to look gorgeous is never a bad thing. I think that playing with hair and making it amazing is my most favorite thing in the world. Besides that, there is coloring. Color is my second favorite thing. Especially when the color is bold and daring. I feel very fortunate to live in am era where bright, unusual colors are okay. It is a lot of fun to be able to play in the realm of color theory and let someone discover their inner peacock or fuschia.
More than anything, I like to do hair. In all of its wonderful glory, hair is an amazing medium to work with.