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Moved and settling

My newest adventures
I have moved in to my new location, 4th Dimension Salon, and I am getting settled in. The nicest thing about my new place is the vibe. It really resonates with myself and who I am. The decor is my style, red and black. The music is much more tolerable. My clients are telling me they feel this new spot suits me much better. I feel like I can take on the next segment of my life.  
Next weekend I will be attending a hair show and that is always good to get the creative juices flowing. I plan on spending the weekend soaking up all the newest trends and latest techniques. I get very enthusiastic about my job after a good hair show. I always feel like I can do anything and I want to share my new found knowledge with everyone I can. It helps me recharge the batteries and recommit to being amazing.
I hope to be adding a new entry each week, with new ideas and interesting tid bits. Stay tuned.