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Million foil blondes

A tedious, but satisfying, creation*

I was thinking over what I might consider myself a specialist in and I came up with my blonding service that I seem to be the only one to provide. Everyone in the salon jokingly calls it my "million foils" highlights. I have it listed on my website as "heavy foil" blonding. This is one of the things that I am most proud of being able to do.

Now, in other categories of hairdressing, I tend to be a generalist. I can do many cuts, colors, and styles with enough proficiency that I feel good to send any client out with my work. I feel that I can handle any hair type or color situation that comes my way. However, I only have this one service that I can confidently say that I specialize in. And that is creating a very light blonde with soft, diffused grow out utilizing a lot of foils to ensure the results.

This is not a project that is a quick service. The foiling alone takes about 3 hours. One could expect to be in the salon for about 5 or 6 hours, depending on the density of the hair, the previous grow out, and whether there is a haircut and full blow-drying involved. I am willing to do it all. Which is where I am set apart from my fellow stylists. No one else in my salon is willing to spend that much time working on a project like that.

I find it very relaxing, I get in "the zone" and lose track of time. Also, I get to spend time talking to fascinating people and get my social meter filled. I do feel for my clients as numerous of them have complained about their behinds and legs falling asleep. I am more than willing to let them get up and stretch a bit, while I go and remix my lightener. It is a fun experience for me and I have found the best lightener for the job. I have also found the right blend of toner to get the blonde extra light and cool.

This is one of my favorite things to do and I am very skilled at it. Now I have to charge accordingly. I have made the service its own category in my scheduling and it does hold the highest price tag. However, I think I may need to consider what my time and skill is really worth. I enjoy what I do, but it does take a long time and a lot of product to create the masterpiece. I will continue to ruminate over the thought and make a decision in the near future.

*The picture on the header is my work