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It's been this way for a long time

A common problem for stylists
"And our patrons - bless them - do not have the vaguest notion of the real meaning of the words they use when describing a haircut or hairstyle."
                               -Ivan of Hollywood, 1947 Creative Hairshaping And Hairstyling You Can Do
This seems to have been a problem for a very long time. The client does not always know what it is they are talking about or trying to describe. This is becoming even more of a problem in this modern age. The age of technology and the internet has made it even more difficult to keep a person properly informed of which they speak. I feel, as a stylist, that I am up on what is current and when you, as the client, say you want something, please be aware that what you are saying may not be what you mean. Bring me a picture of what you are speaking of. I find that pictures are the most helpful in solving the communication issue. However, after that point, be aware that your hair may not be able to be what is in the picture. I can do anything, technically, that is asked of me. I may not make you look just like the supermodel or celebrity that you have in the picture. If your hair is not of the same type or you are not willing to put in styling time, your hair will not be the same. I am hoping that my clients are all able to understand that I am an illusionist, not a magician.