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It's about time

...and how I want to spend mine

I want to have a more organized and predictable schedule. As I am preparing for a big excursion next year, I have realized that it would be best to start really laying out my schedule. I am also attending college for both winter and spring terms. I want to make sure that I am taking care of each and every client in their time, but also taking care of my mental health and not try to fit everyone in a panic.

I have realized that I do better knowing what my schedule is, rather than playing best guess each week. Not to mention, my schedule is getting tighter and I want to have the knowledge that I can spend the proper amount of time with each person. 

I am resolved to make prebooking a priority with each client. It would mean that we all benefit from the use of setting appointments well in advance. So I can offer the best of myself to each client and each service.  This also means that I am limiting the amount of appointments per day. Depending on the service, I will only do up to 2 chemical services each day. Haircuts and waxing I would be willing to do up to 4 in a day. This way I am not rushing from one client to the next. 

I am also adjusting my writing and research schedule to fill in on Sundays and, occasionally, Mondays, rather than throughout the rest of the week. The remainder of the week will be dedicated to school and work.